Heritage Memorabilia This Site's Memorabilia is GFA Authenticated!

About Heritage Memorabilia & Coins

Heritage Memorabilia brings you the most elite selection of custom designs to deliver limited edition generational heirlooms. Our expert attention to detail shows you the extraordinary amount of pride Heritage takes in producing these historically significant creations.

These completely custom, high quality pieces are held to the highest standards on the marketplace. In a retail store, a single dimensional mat starts at $100 while elaborate multi-dimensional matting can cost in excess of $500. Heritage strives to deliver remarkable value while giving each customer a championship moment.

These limited productions unite the historical greatness of image and time to create must-have these must-have centerpieces for every distinguished collection.

Each autograph goes through GFA's industry leading forensic authentication process to ensure that every piece comes with a certified genuine signature. Our exquisite multilayer matting with innovative multidimensional cut treatments give captivating new looks into iconic logos, legendary retired numbers, immortalizing engraved plaques, and much more!

Heritage Memorabilia: Enshrine Your Memories